Westmount School Council`s purpose is to keep supporting students in learning about, unveiling and achieving their full personal potential from the inside-out.

  • We strive to continually foster a positive, collaborative environment with a variety of opportunities for meaningful engagement by members of the School Community;
  • We are bringing special events that will support and enhance student learning, encourage participation, and promote the well-being of the School Community;
  • We work hard to develop and share information with parents and the School Community, and facilitate communications with all educational stakeholders;

If you would like to join us in supporting our children, we have two vacant positions with immediate availability:

  1. Communications Director

 Unless otherwise delegated, the Communications Director of the School Council will:

  • Coordinate with all Executive Members to relay pertinent information to the School Council in general;
  • Coordinate with the School on all communications relating to School Council activities;
  • Maintain a list of all subscribers to School Council communications who have explicitly opted-in


2. Director-at-Large

Unless otherwise delegated, the Director-at-Large will:

  • Share their professional knowledge, expertise and experience;
  • Share information from School Council meetings with the community;
  • If and when needed, support School Council projects during the school year

Email us at schoolcouncil@westmountcharter.com


Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Raquel, Bruce, Kim, Ashley, Baljit, Ameet, Thomas and Katarina