On Friday, September 27th, 2019, Westmount Charter School’s Mid-High campus will be hosting our annual Terry Fox Day.

The format for this year will be similar to last year. There will be some lunchtime activities in the days leading up to the run.

Sept 16-17: Kick off assemblies


Activities at lunch – some will require a donation to participate and others will just be for fun or to win a prize.

Sept 23: “Shave Your Lid” (only allowed to have your head shaved with permission form)

Sept 24: High school student vs. teacher dodgeball ($2 to play, $1 to watch)

Sept 25: Middle school student vs teacher dodgeball ($2 to play, $1 to watch)

Sept 26: Kahoot in the LC

Sept 27: Terry Fox Run and events.



Westmount Spirit day – wear purple & gold

  • Terry Fox Walk/Run
  • Team building activities
  • Food trucks to purchase lunch


Donation games: $1-2 per game

  • pie in the face
  • duct tape a teacher to the wall
  • water dump
  • face painting

Please have your child fund-raise what they can for the Terry Fox Foundation and cancer research. Please ensure cheques are made out to the Terry Fox Foundation or go to http://www.terryfox.ca/WestmountCharterMidHigh and create a profile for your child online. Online donations are the preferred payment.

Fundraising can come in other forms as well, and we encourage you and your child to discuss what this may look like. This can include donating your time for volunteer work or doing something for your community.

Pledge forms and cheques will be collected in the main office between Wednesday, October 2 and Friday, October 9, 2019.

Shave Your Lid permission form: (mid-high only)

If your child would like to participate in this event by having their head shaved on September 23rd at the school, they must return the permission form to Ms. Blain or the main office by Thursday, September 19th.

Donations needed:

We are asking for donations from parents for the teacher donation games. We are in need of A LOT of whipped cream/Cool Whip, duct tape, pie tins, face paint and balloons. Please leave your donation at the main office or contact kevin.croot@westmountcharter.com

We are also asking for prizes for some of the lunch time activities, such as gift cards, candy, or anything you may have that would make a good prize. It does not need to be big.