The “Be Like Terry!” initiative is in full swing at Westmount Charter Elementary! As we are fundraising, we want to keep Terry’s legacy alive and encourage all students to “Be Like Terry”. This could be by showing resiliency, perseverance to set goals for the new school year and finding the courage to achieve them. K-4 students have been working on developing their cooperation skills in PE leading up to Terry Fox Day and have been working with the terms resiliency and leadership.

Homeroom teachers will be giving out sneakers to students who are caught being like Terry leading up to Terry Fox Day!  Students who receive a sneaker will stick their sneaker on the school’s Be Like Terry! Meter posted outside the Main Gym. This initiative is a great opportunity for students to work on using their coping skills, to be resilient when faced with a challenge, and promote cooperation at school by completing random acts of kindness. Our goal is that ALL students will have a sneaker on the wall by Terry Fox Day to celebrate our school’s ability to be resilient and compassionate leaders like Terry Fox.