Image of School Council Textbox ContentWelcome back to the new school year Westmount Charter School families!  A special welcome to the new families that have joined our school this year.

We hope that you have enjoyed your summer and are ready for a fresh start to the new school year.

Congratulations on being part of such a diverse, exciting, dynamic, vibrant and welcoming school community.  Our school community is unique because of our wonderful teachers, administration, students and parents who are wholeheartedly committed to making it an amazing place to be.

We encourage and invite all parents, guardians and family members to be involved in our school community, in any way that you chose to be involved.  There are many volunteer opportunities, big and small, from participating in field trips and reading in the classroom, to helping out at Special Events and participating in Fundraising, and so much more.  Your help is much appreciated and the school community is enriched by each and every volunteer’s time, energy and enthusiasm!

As we all know it truly takes a village to have a school that is spirited and full of life. We cannot rely solely on our Principals and staff to continually make it work on their own.  We have been impressed with the number of parents that volunteer and give their time to the school.  Our School Council works hard to achieve great things for our students, and we choose to support it all along!

Image of SC Textbox ContentPlease know that there is always an open invitation to join in on our meetings.  Our welcoming School Council meeting in the new school year is on September 10th at 7pm, at the Mid-High campus.   If you would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out anytime via email at

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Raquel, Kim, Ashley, Bruce, Baljit and Katarina

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