The Eco Warriors Club at our Elementary campus is looking for one or two parent volunteers to pick up the beverage containers from the last two Eco Warrior collections:

  • Friday, June 14 (we have two big bags of containers)
  • Thursday, June 20 (there will be one bag of containers)

If you can do both pickups, you may either come on both days or wait until next Thursday to pick up all remaining bags.

  1. The bottles need to be taken to the bottle depot and the refund money collected.
  2. The money and receipt should be placed in a labelled envelope and sent to Mrs. Wilson via “kidmail” – aka with your child on June 24 or 25.

The money is then deposited in a school account which is set aside to put towards environmental initiatives such as the Outdoor Classroom.

Please email Mrs. Wilson asap if you would like to help: