Thank you to those who responded to our call for volunteers!  We still need more!

If you are able to help even just a few hours a year, please email Westmount Charter Elementary Fundraising Society (WCEFS) or Westmount Charter School Parent Fundraising Society (WCSPFS), or join us when we meet to vote in new members on April 16, 2019.

The society will be meeting quarterly on the following dates for 2019:

Apr 16, 2019
Jun 18, 2019
Oct 15, 2019



Did you know that the Westmount Charter School Parent Fundraising Society (WCSPFS) has raised nearly $350,000 through casinos and raffles since it was formed in 2009?

This is the single largest source of external fundraising dollars that Westmount receives!

As the schools and their needs have grown and changed over the years, we recently embarked on creating a new fundraising society for the elementary school (i.e., Westmount Charter Elementary Fundraising Society (WCEFS)), while the current society will be dedicated to the mid-high school (i.e., Westmount Charter School Parent Fundraising Society (WCSPFS)).

We need at least 10 more volunteers to serve on the boards of these societies in various positions.

Each Society meets 3-4 times per year and time commitment varies depending on position and where the society is in their 2-year fundraising cycle. Commitment can be as low as 5-6 hours per year!

We will not be able to continue our fundraising efforts and the creation of the new society without your help!

For more information please check out the websites or contact us directly:

Westmount Charter Elementary Fundraising Society (WCEFS)
Email: for more details.

Westmount Charter School Parent Fundraising Society (WCSPFS)


Thank you!