Photo of three boys

Presented by Dr. Laurie Alisat

Join us for an engaging discussion on gifted boys of all ages – from elementary through to high school.  After the education session, we invite you to join us for a social wine & cheese hosted by Westmount School Council.

In this parent education session, Westmount Assistant Principal Laurie Alisat will share findings from her Canadian research, revealing the stories of 7 high school boys, identified as gifted, and enrolled in different educational programs. We will hear about what had the most significant impact from their experiences, which will be the focus of our conversations. We’ll discuss how we, as adults and parents, might help our children flourish, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Laurie Alisat is a lifelong learner and educator. She has worked in a variety of roles, at both the school and district level, as a teacher, learning leader, strategist, specialist, and administrator, focusing on learners with exceptional needs, and in particular, the gifted population. She has also taught undergraduate and graduate level university courses on identification of student needs to determine appropriate programming, as well as courses on enhancing creative development.

Laurie has a Master’s degree in School Design. She has used this to foster appropriate challenge and student engagement through design. Laurie’s PhD in Gifted Education further focused on students’ experience of schooling. Her current writing related to gifted learners includes programming for student needs, social justice, creativity, and empathy-based leadership.