Image for Keep the Conversation Going Youth ForumWe held the inaugural Westmount Heroes Youth Forum on Tuesday, November 27th.

The theme of the forum was “keeping the conversation going”. Eager to enact change within their communities, ~ 60 students from grades 5-11 participated in our forum.

As a school, we discussed ideas that students were passionate about: pressing issues and avenues of change.

Topics discussed included mental health, social media, positive relationships, perfectionism, and emotional awareness. Discussions were catalyzed by pertinent activities held in groups, which were composed of students from a variety of grades, to promote the interchange of ideas. Participants were encouraged to follow the theme of the forum–”keeping the conversation going”–by sharing the meaningful ideas they developed over the course of the evening with their peers, parents, and communities. In doing so, we hope to promote positive student-driven change within our school, community and society.