Image with Circular Arrows indicating recyclingThe Eco Warriors Club at our Elementary campus is looking for parent volunteers who could help support our efforts to ‘take action’ for our environment.

This is our 4th year where we are looking for some generous parents to take on a ‘one month’ volunteer duty (or more), from December onward, which includes:

  • picking up beverage containers once a week (only 1 big bag)
  • taking them to the depot to collect the refund money
  • placing the money and receipt in a labeled envelope and sending  to Mrs. Wilson via “kidmail” – aka with your child.

The money is then deposited in a school account which is set aside to put towards environmental initiatives such as the Outdoor classroom.

Not only have we so far kept about 25 000 beverage containers out of landfills, we also have raised about $2500 for our school.   The Gr 3/4 students in our club work industriously to collect these containers from every classroom once a week and we celebrate our hard work together at the end of every term.

Mrs. Wilson will show you the pick up spot and it is preferred that the bag to be picked up on the last day of school for each week, after students collect containers at lunch recess (usually Friday but some Thursdays).

If that day doesn’t work for pick-up, it is possible to delay until after the weekend.  Please email Mrs. Wilson asap if you would like to help make a difference for our community and our world at:

Please visit the Westmount volunteering page to learn more about volunteering at Westmount.

Thank you for your consideration of this important job for our school!