Our House System is a way of organizing the school into eight equal parts – each one is
made up of equal numbers of each grade group. This creates smaller “family” units.

The House System builds upon past traditions and incorporates all initiatives within the school. It is designed to provide a comprehensive framework for promoting and supporting student leadership and participation at all levels.

All students from grade K-12 are involved in inter-house activities, both competitive and cooperative, covering the full range of the school: academics, athletics, arts/cultural activities, and community service which are embodied by our four pillars.

WCS students engage in friendly competition organized around a positive rewards system which encourages and reinforces positive contributions and full participation in WCS school life. Membership in houses fosters greater school spirit, a sense of belonging, mentoring opportunities, and bonding among students in higher and lower grades.

How will the students benefit from the House System?

As a result of participation in the house system, students will:

  • More involved in extra-curricular activities.
  • The chance to be mentored and to mentor others.
  • Increased aspirations through competition.
  • Increased involvement in school activities and events.
  • A distinct set of values and characteristics from their house which will help them to form strong personal values.
  • Greater sense of school spirit and community.

What is the Purpose?

Westmount Charter School has a long history of supporting academic success in our students. This work is generally seen as falling under the academic pillar. We want everyone, students, staff, parents and the greater community, to recognize the vital role of the elementary matrix made up of: Health and Wellness, Affective Development and Social Responsibility, in supporting positive academic achievement plus healthy personal growth and a positive social environment.

Current extra-circular activities and in-school events are numerous and it’s time for everyone invested in WCS to reap the full potential from these activities and achievements and to build a more inclusive community as a result. The house system offers a way to structure those benefits while building community and supporting personal growth. One key goal with this program is to continue to increase a sense of community and connection within our school community.

What will our houses look like?

All elementary, mid-high students and members of staff are involved. Every student and staff member belongs to one of the houses and contributes something to the life of the house and by extension, the school. Our houses will be made up of 9 different houses corresponding with a colour. Each staff member will be part of the Purple house, but will have a different colour sub-house that they will be assigned to. Each student in Elementary/Mid- High will be assigned a house which they will be a part of for the duration of their time here.

When will it start and how will it be implemented?

House events will be kicked off every year at our annual TERRY FOX DAY. This will be a day of fun, running, assemblies, team building, house introduction and entertainment. It will be here that the fun and competition will start. Other events throughout the year will utilize the house system and allow for a diverse range of fun challenges. All students are encouraged to dress in their house colour on house activities days. Stay tuned for more information in the next few weeks.