I extend a warm welcome back to parents of returning students and welcome parents of students who are new to Westmount. We trust that you all had an enjoyable, relaxing summer in spite of weather conditions and that your children are looking forward to their new start or return to our school.

We are excited about commencing the 2018/19 school year with several new staff joining the school teams along with teachers returning from leaves.

Our focus remains on providing supports for learning and personal development for our students from the “inside out” as described in our Charter document. This is the third year of our new Charter and we will undertake a review of our implementation practices.

In other news, key renovations to the exterior of our Elementary campus building were completed this summer including renewal of the façade and replacement of windows and casings. It looks great and we thank the CBE for undertaking this project. Renovations to the main office at the Mid-High campus include addition of a new administrative office and other changes to the interior architecture to make the space more functional.

The Westmount website underwent significant enhancements during the last school year, streamlining our communication processes. We will continue to refine the site with our goal to simplify access to relevant information on multiple electronic platforms. A parent orientation to the new website will be scheduled through the School Council early in the year.

Parents make a very important contribution to our schools. Their involvement and support is critical to our children’s success and we encourage you to connect with the staff at each campus to find out how you might best serve in a meaningful role.

Have a great year everyone.

Joe Frank