Welcome to a new school year! We are excited to announce, parents and mid-high students are now able to access the parent portal for PowerSchool for the 2018-2019 school year. PowerSchool is available on our school homepage under quick links www.westmountcharter.com. The parent portal allows parents to view information about their students, such as attendance, report card information, class placements, daily schedules and Individual Program Plans.
Students entering grades 5 -12 are encouraged to log in to PowerSchool prior to the first day of classes to review their schedule. On September 4th, we are asking all students to meet in their SOURCE class for the day. A DAY 1 start will follow on Wednesday, September 5th.
More information such as Individual Student Program Plans (IPPs) and progress report data will follow once we are ready to display it in the student profile.

If you require assistance with accessing the parent portal for the first time, please refer to the PowerSchool Parent Portal Access document emailed to families the week of August 26th.  If you have set up your account successfully but are having login issues, please refer to the PowerSchool support page.  If you are experiencing other technical difficulties, please contact the school.

Westmount Administration