Attention Elementary Campus Parents:

After a long review of how we regroup for math, we have decided to make the following change:

Students will no longer be placed in the categories called Builders, Investigators and Explorers.

Why the change?

We discovered that the learning styles of students who were Investigators/Explorers quickly changed to Builders when accelerated to a level of difficulty matching the upper limit of their abilities. As our skill at assessing students’ abilities grows, we predict this quick change in student learning styles from Investigators/Explorers to Builders will become more common.

This discovery has led us to believe that learning styles are more fluid, and change based on the difficulty of the material more, than we initially understood. As a result, we believe that students’ needs will be better served if they are grouped according to their levels of skill, and their shifting learning styles accommodated by the teachers in whose math classes they have been placed.

Why did students recently write pre-tests in math?

Students’ current knowledge and skill levels have been assessed by having them write pre-tests. These pre-tests have measured which areas of next year’s math our students have currently mastered. By pre-testing, we have discovered which areas of the curriculum need to be taught to which students. Our ongoing goals are to:

• avoid teaching material to students that they already know;
• improve our ability to create developmental stretch by better understanding where each student’s level of developmental stretch is, and;
• place students in classes where maximum developmental stretch will be achieved.

When we do this well, we know students will feel a greater sense of challenge and accomplishment, and their levels of motivation will remain high.

Please note: The math pre-tests were used only to determine how much of next year’s math curriculum is already known to students, and to help with placements for math classes. The test results will not be used to determine grades of any kind. As such, we will not be releasing students’ pre-test marks.

Stay tuned for more details on changes to how we will re-group for math.

Best regards,

Hal Curties, Principal