Urgent! Volunteers needed for Stampeders Parking this Saturday, June 16.

Every Stampeders Game we use the Mid-High campus parking lot to park the cars of those going to the game.
Each car parked raises $10.00 for Westmount. By using parent volunteers we are able to ensure all the money goes to the School.

There are three types of volunteer positions:

Day Coordinator (5:00-7:30 pm)

•  This is someone who has volunteered at the Stampeder Parking before and will oversee the day/evening

  • The Day Coordinator arrives early and sets up the parking by putting out signs and closing off extra entrance.s

Set-up Volunteers (5:15-7:30 pm)

  • These volunteers help the Day Coordinator with setup – putting out signs and closing off extra entrances as well as helping with parking. (5:15-7:30 pm)

General Parking Volunteers (5:45-7:30 pm)

  • These volunteers greet the parkers, collect the parking money and direct the cars to parking spaces.

For each game,we need one Day Coordinator and at least two (three is best) volunteers to collect money at the parking entrances, and then at least three (four is best) volunteers to direct drivers to parking spaces.

Time commitment for volunteers is 2-1/2 hours per game, because we need every volunteer to help until shortly after game time. Grade 10-12 students can volunteer, but no children under Grade 10 are allowed, as traffic can get quite hectic.

No police check is required for these volunteer positions.

The next opportunity to volunteer is June 16, 2018.
Please sign up at www.volunteersignup.org/C9ECL

Thanks in advance for helping to raise money for Westmount!