To ALL Mid-School Families:

Textbook return June 2018 – First Notice

End of Year

All Library Books were due on June 6 and are now past due. (Pleasure-reading materials only, this does not include textbooks or novel studies).

Textbook Return – First Notice

Grade 5-8 Textbooks/Novel studies must be returned to the mid high textbook storage room located in the cafeteria or the Library Learning Commons (LLC).

All textbooks and novel studies are due on Thursday, June 21. Teachers may request that their students return their resources earlier as they finish them.
Each teacher will send a class-wide e-mail informing you of the upcoming final exam dates and a list of books used for the course taught. This will be considered your Second Notice.

Please note that Textbooks and Novels are to be returned directly to a Library staff member, and not handed in to the teacher. The Library staff will confirm with the student’s Library account   status.

If textbooks/novels are not returned by these deadlines:
Students who do not return their textbooks by Thursday June 21 will be contacted by the Library. This will be considered your Third Notice.
Final day to return all textbooks is Wednesday, June 27 by noon. Any textbooks/novels not returned by noon on June 27, 2018 will be assumed lost.

Administration will follow up with a Final Notice. School fees for the following school year will be adjusted accordingly. Non-returning students will be invoiced for any outstanding balance.