This is an invitation to Participate in Parenting Gifted Children Study from Sal Mendaglio, PhD and Jodi Peebles, EdD:

We plan to conduct a study aimed at understanding the experience of parenting gifted children. In general, we are interested in parents’ day to day experience with their children.  Parents of children in Kindergarten to grade 3 and who have been identified as gifted are invited to participate. We invite one or more parents of children who meet the criteria to participate.

Parents who volunteer to participate will be asked to respond to some prescribed interview questions; and, they will also be invited to add any comments they deem relevant to the topic. Prescribed questions include: What motivated you to have your child identified as gifted? Did the identification change your parenting approach? What is your view of giftedness?    Interviews, which will be recorded, will be conducted by members of the research team.  Meetings will be arranged at  mutually convenient times. For parents in Calgary, meetings will be held at the University of Calgary.  For parents in Sherwood Park, meetings will be held in New Horizons Charter School.

Anyone wishing to participate will be sent a letter seeking their informed consent.  The letter provides more detailed information on which parents may base their decision whether to participate.  Only those who complete and sign the letter will be included in the study.

Should you wish to participate, or if you want more information, please contact Dr. Sal Mendaglio, at the University of Calgary: , 403-220-6277.

This study has been approved by the University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board.