Hello Parents and Guardians,

Back in March, we asked students entering grades 7 and 8 to complete their course selection, on-line through PowerSchool. Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to delete all of the requests and start the process for next year’s grade 7 and 8 option selections again.

In order to ensure your child receives the Option classes they prefer, we are opening the student request portal again until Friday, June 15 @ 8:00am.

Please have your son/daughter review the relevant documents on the WCS website under Programming; Grade 6-8 Course Handbook and Grade 7 Course Selection or Grade 8 Course Selection.

Students will also have time to complete this in class, however we would appreciate if you would review and complete this with your child in the event they may not have completed it in class.

We apologize the messaging that went home on Monday was sent in error to our current grade 8 students which has caused some confusion. If your student is entering grade 9 in the fall, their schedules will be released shortly and they will have the opportunity to have their schedule changed in the coming weeks. A separate email will be sent home with instructions and schedules for this process.