2018/ 2019 Gr. 5 Schedules

To All Grade Four Families, On the last day of school, June 27th, your son/daughter will be coming home with an envelope containing their schedule for next year. If your child is absent, you will receive their schedule via mail. Any questions in regards to their schedule will be addressed when your child returns in September. Thank you and have a [...]

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Schedule changes 9 – 12

For students going into grades 9 - 12, schedule changes will be accommodated on Monday June 25th and Tuesday, June 26th for those students who have not had the opportunity to change their schedule yet. Schedule changes will occur on a first come first served basis in room 301, between 12:00 and 3:00 pm. Students must have their schedule changed prior [...]

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Schedule Changes 5 – 8

For students going into grades 5 - 8, Schedule were sent home by Friday, June 22nd through the students' Homeroom/SOURCE teacher. Should your grade 7/8 require a schedule change to their options, we will be accommodating changes Monday, June 25th and Tuesday, June 26th, by call-down only. Students can listen for announcements to know when they can change their schedules. Changes [...]

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New Math Regrouping at the EC

Attention Elementary Campus Parents: After a long review of how we regroup for math, we have decided to make the following change: Students will no longer be placed in the categories called Builders, Investigators and Explorers. Why the change? We discovered that the learning styles of students who were Investigators/Explorers quickly changed to Builders when accelerated to a level of difficulty [...]

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New EC Attendance Email

Attention Elementary Campus Parents: There are now two ways to report a late or an absence to the Elementary Campus Office. In addition to making a telephone call to the Elementary Campus office to report your child’s absence from school, you can also choose to send an email. Please email attendance-elem@westmountcharter.com with the following information: 1) Your child's first name and [...]

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Outstanding Fees for MH Students

Attention Parents/Guardians, There are still some outstanding fees, particularly for athletics, on a significant number of student accounts. Please take a moment to log in to the family zone by clicking here  and check that all your student fees have been paid. Your prompt payment is appreciated as the school year comes to an end. If you have any questions please [...]

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EC Swimming Reminder

Swimming has been booked for 2018-19 school year. Swimming will take place in November at Shouldice Pool so we can go back to level swimming instead of Swim to Survive program that was offered this year. All Gr 1-4 students will be taking part in swimming as part of the Phys-Ed program.

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WCS Summer Break Planner

As summer holidays approach, families often are looking for a way to maintain balance and flow.  Please click here for a fun and easy way to maintain wellness throughout the summer months. Students can complete the chart as they see fit and return to Student Services in the Fall. Wishing you a relaxing and rejuvenating summer!

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EC Yearbook Deadline- June 21

If you are interested in ordering the 2017/2018 Elementary Campus School Yearbook, please do so by June 21.  To order, sign into your family login by clicking here and signing in. Go to pay fees on the right hand navigation pane and select the  G171820 - 2017-18 Elementary Yearbook~ ($19.00) and calculate total to pay for your order.  Yearbooks will be [...]

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EC Library Books Overdue

All student borrowed books are now overdue. • Overdue notices were provided to students this week regarding non-returned books borrowed during the 2017-2018 school year. • Please encourage students to return books at their earliest opportunity. The last day of school is quickly approaching. We ask you check your home, car, and other places your student may have read their school [...]

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High School Textbook Return

To ALL High School Families: Textbook return June 2018 – First Notice End of Year All Library Books were on due June 6 and are now past due. (Pleasure reading materials only not course resources). Textbook Return – First Notice Grade 9-12 Textbooks must be returned to room 309 the morning of the final exam. For courses with a final exam: [...]

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Mid School Textbook Return

To ALL Mid-School Families: Textbook return June 2018 – First Notice End of Year All Library Books were due on June 6 and are now past due. (Pleasure-reading materials only, this does not include textbooks or novel studies). Textbook Return – First Notice Grade 5-8 Textbooks/Novel studies must be returned to the mid high textbook storage room located in the cafeteria [...]

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