WestJet Raffle News

Our WestJet raffle was a great success raising almost $10,000 for our school! A very special thank you to our donating family for the WestJet tickets and to WestJet, for the great program which made this raffle possible. School Council also would like to thank Yi-Nei K. for coordinating the raffle and managing all the requirements and sales, and the Fundraising [...]

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Grade 11 Parent Volunteers Needed

In keeping with a lovely tradition which is carried on year after year at Westmount, we are asking Grade 11 parents to support the current year’s graduating class by helping out with setup, decoration and takedown for Grad 2018. Your graduating student will benefit from similar support a year from now! This is a great way to get a glimpse of [...]

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The Phone System at the Mid-High Campus is under repair. We are able to receive calls, but our attendance line is not working at full functionality. Should your child be away, please email their teachers and include mhadmin@westmountcharter.com in the email until further notice while we continue to rectify the situation. We are not able to page the classrooms. If your child requires pickup during the day, please ensure that they know what time to come down to the office.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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