Parent Provided Funding (PPF) Payment Information:

Thank you to all families for providing us with your banking information to facilitate the direct deposits for this year’s Parent Provided Funding.   Payments of the 2017-2018 Parent Provided Funding will be processed between May 09-30, 2018.   Payment to students with the last names starting with:

A-F will be deposited on May 09th

G-P will be deposited on May 11th

Q-Z will be deposited on May 16th

Once again, this year’s payment is $499 per eligible student who is still attending the school.  If your student was withdrawn between Sept. 30th and May 1st then your funding will be prorated for the total number of full months they were in attendance.   Please read the following important information regarding these payments:


  1. You will receive an email notification 2 to 7 business days before the payment is scheduled to be deposited to your bank account.  Please open this email and pay close attention to the “Deposit Date” listed in the email notification as this is the actual day the payment should reach your bank account.  This email will be sent from the email address with a subject line Direct Deposit Payment so please adjust your spam filters to allow this sender to send you emails.
  2. Once you’ve received your email AND IF the deposit does not reach your bank account on the specified deposit date, then please contact the Board Office immediately at  (403) 217-3707 Ext 1017.
  3. If you have not received an email and/or a deposit to your bank account for this funding by May 16th please contact the Board Office immediately at  or (403) 217-3707 Ext 1017.


Please do not inquire about these payments before May 16th unless #2 above applies to you.

If you did not provide banking information for direct deposit a manual cheque will be issued to you on May 30th less a $25 administration fee.

Want to Donate your PPF?Heart in hands

Many of our families have donated their PPF to the school in past years and wish to do so again.

Alberta Education requires us to pay this funding in full before accepting donations. 

If you would like to donate all or a portion of this funding, please complete the attached donation form and attach a cheque payable to Westmount Charter School for the amount you wish to donate.  You can date the cheque for the middle of May to ensure our deposit has reached your bank account first or you can date it earlier if you wish.  If you wish to use your credit card to make a donation you may complete the attached form and visit in person to the Board office located in the Parkdale Elementary school during regular business hours.  We cannot accept credit card donations over the phone.   Tax receipts will once again be provided for all donations of $25 or more.

Please click here for the donation PPF form.