Mount Royal has received approval from Alberta Advanced Education to offer a four-year Bachelor of Science with a new major in Chemistry. We plan to accept the first group of students into this major in the Fall 2018 Semester. There is no change to the other majors in the Bachelor of Science degree.

Mount Royal’s Chemistry major will allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the molecular processes behind the machinery of life. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy kinaesthetic learning, to get into the laboratory, and to see how chemistry is practiced in the community. Students will learn how to design materials and pharmaceuticals that improve the quality of life for people throughout the world. Chemistry is all this and more.

The new Bachelor of Science – Chemistry major will have the same specific admission course requirements as all other majors within the Bachelor of Science degree as follows:

English Language Arts 30-1 – 60%

Mathematics 30 – 1 60%

Chemistry 30 –  60%

These are the course requirements with minimum grades only; admission is competitive and all MRU general admission requirements must be met.

All applicants who applied to the Bachelor of Science program for any major, for the Fall 2018 Semester, have recently been sent a letter (on March 14)) providing an option to add an application for this new major. Here is an excerpt from that letter.

If you wish to submit an application for the Chemistry major, use the attached form to let us know how you would like to alter your application choice. If MRU admissions has received this form by March 31, 2018 your application for the Chemistry major will be back-dated to the original date of your application submission for the Bachelor of Science. If you do not wish to change your application choice, no action is required.

 Additional information about this program can be found on our website at under the Programs and Courses tab. You can also call 403.440.5000 to reach the Admissions and Recruitment Office and speak to a recruitment officer.