Dear Parents:

Our landlord, the Calgary Board of Education, has put signs up at the entrances to the north parking lot asking Westmount parents not to drop off or pick up children in the parking lot.  The reason for the signs is a concern that we share for the safety of Westmount students as they walk from the parking lot to the school yard.











We encourage parents to find a safe place to drop off and pick up students.  This can be done on the east side of 32 Street NW in front of the school, on the south side of 5 Avenue NW between 29 Street and 32 Street, on the west side of 29 Street NW between 7 Avenue NW and 5 Avenue NW (a good spot for older children who can easily walk across the school yard), or to find streets close to the school that are not designated residential parking and walk their students to the school.  This includes parents picking up and dropping off from the Aftercare program. One suggestion is parking along 5 Avenue and walking along the side of the school.

Thank you for your cooperation in this regard, and for respecting the need for the safety of Westmount students.

Best regards,