Due to the increase in safety concerns and complaints regarding drop off/pick up of students and parking lot issues, we ask that you read the information below regarding drop off/pick up of your student

Students and parents have been cutting in between the buses at the end of the day to cross over to the other side of the street.

It is incredibly dangerous since a driver on the roadway would not see someone coming from in between the buses (much worse than between cars) as well as once the bus stops it tends to roll forward slightly and someone could be pinned or injured! Please speak with your student about the danger of doing this.

Please do not enter the parking lot during drop off and pick up.  The barriers are there for everyone’s safety during this time.

Parents please do not use staff parking spots  in the parking lot.  Drop off or pick up is available only on the west side of Utah drive NW.

The safety of everyone is very important to WCS so please help keep our community safe