Tuesday, January 30th marks the end of term 1 for our students as well as the internal deadline for grades to be updated in PowerSchool. We encourage both students and parents to log in to their PowerSchool accounts and take a look at all class marks as well as the associated comments.

Please note that for all termed classes ending January 30th, this mark represents the students’ final grade in the course. For all year-long classes, January 30th acts as a progress update only. You will see your child’s current mark under both T1 and Y1, however, this is not their final grade in the course. Should you have any questions regarding your child’s mark or how to understand the assessment, please contact their teacher. Again, these will be available following Tuesday, January 30th.

To print off your child’s report card, please click on “Report Card” in the left-side margin once logged into your PowerSchool account. You are able to choose either T1 (term 1) or Y1 (Year-end) in the click-down menu at the top.

You should then see all of your child’s classes, marks, and the comments associated with each. This will be available for you to print Tuesday, January 30th.

Thank you,
Your Admin Team