Westmount Charter School has implemented a part-time busing fee for those families who only require busing one way, to or from Westmount Charter School. 

The following conditions will apply to part time busing:

  1. Part-time riders will be considered only if there is room on the bus. Not all of our buses can accommodate part time riders as they fill up with full time riders.  

  2. Part-time riders may only ride in the AM or the PM, not a combination of both.

  3. Part-time riders must choose from an existing stop on an existing route.  Additional stops will not be created for part time riders. The residential addresses for part time riders are not taken into consideration during the route planning process in the spring of each year.

  4. The fee will be $500 for grades 1-12 and $250 for ECS and there will be no refunds on part time busing fees.

  5. If you choose to use the bus part time you will forfeit your parent provided transportation funding from the government. 

  6. The part-time fee option will be reevaluated each year and the decision will be based on the financial impact it may have on our transportation system.

  7. If you are applying for part time busing between Oct 1 and June 30 of the current school year please complete the part time busing application and fax it to 403-249-3422, attn. Susan Goerzen. Busing registration for the next school year is done through the online registration system in the spring of each year.